Get The Hell Out of Your Life

Lynette Meyers; My Daughter & Terminal Cancer

May 26, 2022 Lynette Meyers Season 1 Episode 2
Get The Hell Out of Your Life
Lynette Meyers; My Daughter & Terminal Cancer
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"I believed that Meagan was going to be miraculously healed because you know what they say, if you have enough faith, you will be healed. But when that doesn't happen, what do you do? "- Lynette Meyers

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Announcer:                        It's time now to Get the Hell out of Your Life. A weekly broadcast with real people, sharing real struggles and offering real hope. Today's show will encourage, inspire and empower you to face life's challenges with a bold confidence and renewed hope. Now, let's join our host Ron Meyers.

Ron Meyers:                      I am so privileged to be with you today. Today's show is drenched in hope. And later in the show, I have a very important message that can strengthen your walk with God instantly, if you choose to listen. But first I have a question. Where is God when a loved one is diagnosed with cancer? I think cancer has intruded all of our lives, cancer is an unwelcome intruder that destroys hopes and dreams. My mother died of cancer at the young age of 59, my beautiful wife dealt with breast cancer four years ago. Today, she's doing great, but many of her friends never survived. I have prayed with many young, beautiful children who were terminally ill and have since passed. I can have all the faith in the world, but when so many good people are diagnosed with cancer and die, I begin to question God, why does it seem like all the good people get cancer and the evil people live forever?

Ron Meyers:                      It can take a person with tremendous faith and turn them into an angry person and cause them to lose all trust and faith in God. I was on the verge of becoming one of those people and then I met today's guest. I met someone who wanted to share their story with the world. The story is about a loving mom caring for her young daughter with terminal cancer. Now, I had no idea how our conversation would go and she knew nothing of my thoughts and questions concerning God. But after speaking with her, I knew God sent her to me to share her story with the world. Let's meet today's guest Lynette Meyers. No, we're not related we just to have the same last name. I call her an angel sent from God that brings hope and encouragement to those dealing with cancer. Welcome to the show Lynette. How are you today?

Lynette Meyers:               I'm wonderful, Ron. Thank you so much for having me.

Ron Meyers:                      Well, good show today. But before I get into the subject of that, tell the listeners a little bit about yourself.

Lynette Meyers:               Well, like you said, I'm Lynette Meyers and I'm the new founder and CEO of Meghan's Dream Inc, which we've created this program to help families and their communities walk through cancer.

Ron Meyers:                      Well, tell us a little bit about you, about your upbringing growing up and a little bit. Are you from here?

Lynette Meyers:               Well, I'm originally from Alabama, but I grew up in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. And went on, got married, had children and we're going through life very wonderfully with playing softball and baseball and school and all of that. And children were healthy for the most part.

Ron Meyers:                      So you had the white picket fence, the little dogs and the little cats and just the little typical TV leave it to Beaver family, huh?

Lynette Meyers:               Well, I won't go that far. Though we were an average normal family, in our thirties, trying to be all we could be with our children. And one day Meghan woke up and told me her leg was hurting and I sent her to school, for the next day when she woke up, she said her leg was hurting even worse so we went to the hospital and that's when we found that she had a tumor.

Ron Meyers:                      Now, how old was she?

Lynette Meyers:               She was eight.

Ron Meyers:                      Eight years old, precious little girl goes to the doctor. And I believe I was reading a book that you did crash Coarse 101. And listeners we'll tell you how to get that in just a little bit. But the year was 1999, and I remember that because I have a son, Jacob was born in 9/9/99. So I'm having a new child born and you got the news that your daughter has cancer. So what happened?

Lynette Meyers:               Well, when they told us that they found the mass at the Ocean Springs Hospital, they sent us over to USA Children's & Women's where they said that doctors were awaiting our arrival. So I called my husband and I told him I was on my way and I'd let him know what they said when we got there. We went to the hospital and they confirmed that there was a mass. It was two days before Thanksgiving. And it's so funny because we talk about what is important in our lives and everything and back then, we were all worried about Y2K and if that was going to just disrupt our whole entire life. Well, a new disruption came in and more important was that we were fighting for our daughter's life at this point in time. They told us to go home, enjoy Thanksgiving, that's not much there, when you have this kind of news, but they told us to go home and come back the next day for a biopsy. And that's what we did.

Ron Meyers:                      Now, were you a person of faith going through all this? Where are you going to church? Or did you start asking God, Hey, what's happening?

Lynette Meyers:               Yes. And as a matter of fact, I had had a dream of my mother a couple of weeks prior to this saying, I can't believe that happened to Meghan. It was just like her head was in a bubble. And she looked at me and just said, I can't believe that happened to Meghan. And so when we went through that and I ended up over at the hospital over there, I remembered her saying that. And I thought, Oh Lord, here we go. And when we came home, when they sent us home for the Thanksgiving little break right there, God told me that she would touch many lives through this.

Ron Meyers:                      Who would? Meghan?

Lynette Meyers:               Yes. And so I knew we were in it for the long haul.

Ron Meyers:                      Wow. So she's a patient and our listeners also and we'll tell you in a little bit, Lynette has taken the title on now called, Chemo-Mom. And a Chemo-Mom is a special mom and we really do appreciate you sharing your story. So Meghan's in the hospital and I read in your book that she asked you one time, she says, "Mom, do you think I get sick so you can help people?"

Lynette Meyers:               That was an eye opener coming from your nine year old child, cause she could see clearly every time she would get sick and we would have to go back to the hospital. She looked at me and when she asked me that question, I said, "What do you mean baby?" Because I wanted her to clarify what she was saying, not what my adult mind was telling me. And she looked at me and she said, "Well, let's face it, mom, she said, I get sick, we go to the hospital, there's always somebody there that need your help. You help them and I play with their kids, that's what happens." And it was just amazing to hear that kind of.

Ron Meyers:                      Now, are you having an open conversation with Meghan? Does she know the seriousness that there is a likelihood that she's not going to survive? And if so, does she have any fear of death?

Lynette Meyers:               Well, at eight years old, you really don't know what to tell your children and how deep to go into that conversation. I never talked about death with her as far as the beginning, at the beginning, because we were fighting to live. You live every day, no matter what, we can walk out of here and not make it home, that's how life is. I mean, and so I didn't really talk to her about the death part of it, just that it was serious and we were going to fight this.

Ron Meyers:                      Wow. Now, during this time you had other children and what's going on in their lives and what's happening to you financially?

Lynette Meyers:               Oh, financially it was a nightmare. My husband was the only one working, I had to quit the job I was doing and I had $25 a week to eat on, and we were in house doing in house treatments for a week solid. So it was tough. Our water would be cut off, our power would be cut off. They would come out and make sure that we didn't have any water every day. So it was rough, it really was.

Ron Meyers:                      Well, during this time, this transition, I read in your book that you spent some time in the chapel there at the hospital in mobile. And that one of those times in the chapel, you felt, God tell you something. What was that?

Lynette Meyers:               Well, I went in one night, what I call the ugly mama cry and the tears came from my toes. And so when I started, you don't want to fall apart in front of your children, so you start running and the nurse, took me to the chapel. And I'm staying in there and I'm like, I don't know what to do. What do you want me to do? Where do I go? Because everyone was telling you all the different things, different avenues you could take. I didn't know where to go or what to do. And all of a sudden, and like I said, when I call it the ugly mama cry, it was serious. And all of a sudden this peace came over me and that was when I first knew what to peace that surpasses all understanding mean. Because I had no idea how I went from that kind of devastation or cry to instant peace. And He told me, He said, she will get the best care here. I've brought you here for a reason.

Lynette Meyers:               And I just sat there and I was so amazed that I was feeling that kind of peace. I just, I couldn't say anything except for, well, I'll need confirmation in the morning. And I had the confirmation the next morning, whenever I signed the papers.

Ron Meyers:                      Wow, listeners, we're going to take a break and we come back we're going to continue our story with Lynette Meyers also known as Chemo-Mom. And we'll tell you also how to get a copy of this book that she has written. It's an awesome book. We'll be back in just a minute.

Ron Meyers:                      Welcome back listeners if you just tuned in I'm talking with Lynette Meyers. The year was 1999 and she was leading a normal life. Her summer was filled with baseball, softball, camping, and all the things in between. But then she got news that her eight year old daughter had terminal cancer. And she's sharing her story today, but it is a story of hope and encouragement. And Lynette, so life is going on and tell the listeners, if somebody's out there right now saying that you said earlier, you had a peace that surpasses all understanding, but I can't get any peace in my life. And what would you tell that listener?

Lynette Meyers:               Everything is a journey and we walk through one part of our life to another. Why I received that peace that day, I don't know. I've felt it a couple of times during our journey that He really just blanketed me with His peace. I believe that that was God's way of letting me know when I was in the middle of questioning Him that He was there, that this was real.

Ron Meyers:                      And did that help you as she's going through treatments? Knowing that He was there with you?

Lynette Meyers:               Oh yes. And when she was miraculously, what we considered healed, she went into remission and she was never supposed to go into remission with her type cancer that she had. We are giving God all the glory, she is healed, it's a miracle because it was, but then it comes back. So when people question about God and this peace and how this actually works, it was a rollercoaster because it was His way of letting me know that he was still there in the middle of this storm, because the storm kept rolling. The waves kept coming. It didn't stop, but He was there and He would give me that hope that He would walk me through.

Ron Meyers:                      So give us a little journey, we don't have a lot of time, but then you say it came back. So tell us how it ended up with Meghan.

Lynette Meyers:               So after we believe that she was going to be miraculously healed because you know what they say, if you have enough faith, you will be healed. If you have enough, whatever God will do, God will heal you, but when that doesn't happen-

Ron Meyers:                      What do you do?

Lynette Meyers:               That's really the question. Did I not have enough faith in Him?

Ron Meyers:                      Yeah. Did you do something wrong?

Lynette Meyers:               Did I do something wrong? Was there something that I said something I did? All of those questions go through your mind.

Ron Meyers:                      Well, before you continue your story, what's an answer to that question? Someone might be thinking, that's exactly what I was thinking. Why?

Lynette Meyers:               God is huge. If I had all the answers, I would be God, but I don't.

Ron Meyers:                      So in other words, sometimes our journey in life, we just have to walk by faith.

Lynette Meyers:               That's what faith is.

Ron Meyers:                      And not sight. And we don't understand. Anyway, go ahead and continue.

Lynette Meyers:               Well, it's just, it was a little hard going from, okay we're healed, we're okay. To it's come back and we don't know which way to really go, because our protocol that we were on, we were on a St Jude's protocol to start with, that didn't work. So we had to go back to the 25 year old protocol, which didn't have very good results. Then the second time around they're winging it because they just really don't know what to do at that point in time. But then it goes away again and we're thinking, woo, we won the lottery, we're in. And then my dad gets sick. My dad has cancer. I had given him a kidney right before Meghan was diagnosed and now he's got cancer.

Ron Meyers:                      So when it rains, it pours.

Lynette Meyers:               Yes. And then right after he's diagnosed, Meghan's cancer comes back. So by November of that year, they're both dying with cancer.

Ron Meyers:                      And you had told me one time in our conversation that you never wanted the purple box. What's the purple box? And did you ever get it?

Lynette Meyers:               So the purple box is when your child passes away at the children's hospital, they give you the purple box. And it has a lock of their hair, a Bible, little Bible, mementos from your child. And when I was there standing with the other mothers, and one of them would walk through that door before I did, I would get called from either the doctors or nurses or parents themselves. And I would go up and I would walk with them. I would watch them get their purple box and I would walk them out the door without their child. And the only thing I knew is I didn't want that purple box.

Ron Meyers:                      You didn't want the purple box.

Lynette Meyers:               I didn't want that purple box. I didn't know, I still don't know why I really didn't want that purple box. I don't know if it was just final. I didn't want to walk out of there with just pieces of her in my hand, because I knew it wasn't her. She was no longer there, that was the remanence. And I didn't want a piece.

Ron Meyers:                      So when was the final time that Meghan stepped into God's presence?

Lynette Meyers:               Opening day of baseball season.

Ron Meyers:                      Wow.

Lynette Meyers:               That was the biggest day in our house.

Ron Meyers:                      You said that as a smile, is that kind of a sign to you? Like, hey, God's got a baseball game going up there and He needed Meghan?

Lynette Meyers:               I have often wondered if we get to play baseball or football up there. But yeah, that was one of the biggest days in our house, is opening day of baseball season. And she made sure as sick as she was, she made sure that her brothers went to open day that day.

Ron Meyers:                      Wow, and she was 13?

Lynette Meyers:               She was 12.

Ron Meyers:                      12, when she died.

Lynette Meyers:               No, excuse me, 11. She was 11.

Ron Meyers:                      She was 11. Wow. And since then, though, Meghan is living on through what you're doing and you're giving hope to people. And for the next few minutes, there are people out there right now that have loved ones with cancer. They don't have your faith. They don't know what they're going to do. You've got a microphone to just speak life into their soul or give them some hope and encouragement as a mom that's been there in the trenches, what would you tell them?

Lynette Meyers:               The most important thing that I've learned is each and every one of us are here to live our lifetimes. Whether you're here for 10 minutes or a hundred years, you're here to touch lives you're here to touch and then it's time to go home. No one's getting out alive. That's what our purpose is here. And so, no matter what your purpose is, always allow God to lead you to become the better person that you can be. Because without Him, we are nothing. I mean, let's face it, we are just the dart at the foot of the cross.

Ron Meyers:                      Wow. You have a ministry now and I told the listeners earlier about a book you have, Crash Coarse 101, how can they get a copy of that? How can they read more about Meghan's legacy that is still going on and is getting bigger and bigger?

Lynette Meyers:               Our website and that's Our book is a free download, this was a testimony of many years put together. Like I said, I'm three time Chemo-Mom that went back and forth and back and forth. And these families are hurting. I don't believe that we need to charge them any more money to get some information that may help them. And so it's a free download off of our website. We do take donations to help spread the word to these families and their communities, teaching them nationwide, how to take care of their family.

Ron Meyers:                      And you go to groups and you speak, and you'd love to talk to someone. If they're going through something they can get through your contact information and also at the website.

Lynette Meyers:               Yes.

Ron Meyers:                      Very good. Wow. Well, you are a blessing, you've been at some ministry events that I've done and I'm so sorry for the loss in your life, but Meghan is living so much through you that she's given life to people now even though she's not here, she's in the presence of Jesus. The Bible says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. And so she probably met my mom.

Lynette Meyers:               Oh, I'm sure she's on the greeting list there.

Ron Meyers:                      She'll find her and say, oh, wow, your son is really that much of a screwball. Wow, he's just talking to my mom now at a radio station. Well, again, what's the website?

Ron Meyers:                      www.meghansdreaminc org.

Ron Meyers:                      Thank you so much for coming by and sharing your story. It's a heartfelt story. And every time I talk with you, I'm encouraged. And so the final thing before we go, the question I started off, where is God when a loved one is diagnosed with cancer?

Lynette Meyers:               He's right there beside you, walking you every way. The old poem footprints, when you don't see the two sets of footprints and because He's carrying you and it's true. After 20 years, Meghan was diagnosed 1999, here we are 2020. After 20 years, I can tell you that I thank God every day, because I see His hand still working. His hand, walks in my life and everyone's around that I see whether we can see it or not, His hand is still. Because He just wants us to come home to Him. That's all it is.

Ron Meyers:                      Well, thank you. God bless you. Listeners, I'm going to take a break. And when I return, I have a message that can strengthen your walk with God instantly if you listen.

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Ron Meyers:                      Welcome back listeners. I want to ask you something. If you gave your child an instruction manual on how to live life and you never spoke to them, they had to learn life on their own. How do you think that would turn out? Today we are hearing about people leaving the Christian faith because they don't understand God. You have others that never trust in God because they think He is a big meanie. Now, my question is this, how can you know God, if you never have spoken to Him? What I'm about to tell you can change your walk with God instantly if you choose to listen. You can never truly love God, know God, serve God, or follow God, without an intimate relationship. A conversational relationship with the Almighty. God's voice is love, God's voice is power, God's voice is healing, God's voice is what is lacking in most people's lives.

We rely on the opinions of preachers and teachers, we rely on their charismatic teaching, we rely on the safety of community each Sunday. We put our life in the hands of insecure people that often only know God by what they learned in a classroom, relaying their doctrinal opinions of who God is. I call it the gumbo gospel, a mixture to a truth, a mixture of truth, a dash of opinion, throw in a little guilt and sprinkle some dazzling worship and you have a cheering fan in the audience, clapping for Jesus. Now, most of them don't even know why. They are following the crowd or doing what they are supposed to do each and every Sunday. That's why we see far too many Christians in affairs, divorce, pornography, alcohol, and addiction. The Jesus of the Gospel has never invaded their soul, only their minds. A true follower of Jesus will always point to communication with God.

Jesus said, my sheep listen to my voice, I know them and they follow me. It is only when you hear and feel the quiet still voice of God, that real transformation begins. It is only when you hear the calming voice of God that healing begins to take place. It is only when you hear the loving voice of God that you know that you know Jesus is real and there is no leaving Jesus when you feel that. Jesus is so real that you become His hands and feet not because you need to, but because you want to. So today, if you are hungry for the bread of life, if you are hungry for a loving relationship with the King of Kings, if you're hungry for peace in your life, if you're desperate for answers, then take time to make time, to find quiet time and begin a dialogue with God and then be still and listen to the voice of truth. Be honest and open with God and He will come to you in living color. I am living proof of hearing the voice of God and following it.

My heart breaks seen so many wonderful people, hurting and searching for answers. Jesus is real and He wants to build a relationship with you today and for eternity, give Him your heart and He will give you His voice.

ANNOUNCER:                  Ron, will be back in just a moment to wrap up today's conversation. We want to encourage you today with God's love. We live in a world where love is earned and people love you one day and fall out of love with you the next, but God's love is a perfect love. You can never do anything for God to love you anymore and you can never do anything for God to love you any less. He loves you 24/7. It's that simple and by the way, He won't be judging you or condemning you while you're talking. God is love. Now, let's go back to Ron.

Ron Meyers:                      Thanks for tuning in today. And I am praying that God will answer all of your questions and give you a peace that surpasses all understanding. Remember, the next time trouble comes your way and it will, remember God is right there with you. Until next time, this is Ron Meyers reminding you that God is for you and never against you. And when you listen to His voice, it will remove the hell out of your life. Make it a great day.

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